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The Strategic Recruiting and Employer Branding Conference, Toronto, March 20-21

The Strategic Recruiting and Employer Branding, hosted in Toronto on March 20-21, has been a fantastic conference for HR professionals. More than 70 companies were represented. Illico Hodes was thrilled to assist and share its ideas and thoughts.

Sylvie Leclerc, our specialist in webmarketing, was one the of the guest speakers. Her main focus was on word of mouth marketing emphasizing employee advocacy.  An expertise that is developing, and to have an edge in the war for talent, employers will need to master it.

HR professionals shared their insight.

Let’s pursue the conversation!

Merle Ballaigues, president at Thomas International Inc








Moses Bar-Yoseph, executive director talent attraction at KPMG Canada

Logie Bruce-Lockhart, director talent management at Sobeys



What is an employer brand?
An employer brand is what people say about you when you’re not there. In other words, it’s your reputation. And how do you get a reputation? Simple, two key elements:

1. The experience you deliver to a candidate, an employee even a provider or a client. When we conduct focus groups on candidate perception, often they will judge the employer according to their experience as a client. For example, when students were questioned about Les Rôtisseries St-Hubert, a well-known family restaurant chain, they didn’t think of them as an employer. They went to St-Hubert as kids to celebrate family occasions and found that the servers were old. They looked more like aunts than coworkers! Experiencing your unique EVP (employer value proposition) is key; this is the only thing you can control as an employer.

2. What they say about you in traditional media or now, in social media. You can influence the conversation but you can’t control it. Let’s say your HR department did a great SEO job in positioning your career section when candidates are looking for opportunities on Google. Your career site ranks top 5 but right before yours, there’s a Facebook page where x-employees are giving negative reviews on your company. Who do you think people will believe? And how profitable are all your employer marketing efforts?

Who owns your Employer Brand? Lire la suite

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