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Maximize your Online Recruiting

No doubt online recruitment has transformed the landscape of talent acquisition. Employers and job hunters are now using the cyberspace to exercise their purposes. With this, the internet became one of the most used media to find candidates as well as to assist in the whole recruitment/hiring process.

But how can you truly maximize its function? Here are some tips and reminders for employers to achieve quicker and more effective results:

Refine your field/search

If you are to use different online portals as part of your recruitment strategy, always indicate the specific field in which you need talents. For instance, if your industry is writing, make sure your job postings are located in the writing/editing field. This way, candidates who are looking for writing careers can easily find your job advertisements.

Never skip a single important detail

In online recruitment, the Internet is the first yet the main avenue of the hiring process. And if you don’t want your desk to be flooded with inquiries from candidates, make sure you provide all the necessary details such as the minimum requirements needed for the job, how to apply, where to pass their résumé and your contact numbers. You can also include additional information like compensation, the length of the offered job (part-time or contractual), etc.

Make use of numerous job portals and classified websites

If your company wishes for a quick talent acquisition, you can always turn to several job portals and classified websites instead of posting your job openings in only one or two sites. Always use their functions in order to reach a bigger audience. Needless to say, the more apparent your job advertisements in the cyberspace, the more people will see them which eventually give you a higher chance to recruit more talents in no time.

Make sure your job postings stand out

To differentiate yourself, attract and persuade the right candidates, your job postings need to stand out from the crowd.  Your job postings must be written in a simple, touching and SEO-friendly way.  The right sources must be selected and your ROI must be measured for future sound decisions.  Illico Hodes’ Smart Postings can do the trick.

Additional Reminders

Most job portals nowadays are letting job seekers search available job offers for free. As for the employers, they are also allowed to post job advertisements without investing a penny. However, there are plans/packages that are made to increase their “virtual presence” for a more effective online recruitment. If you have the budget, make sure to take advantage of these plans.

To optimize your online recruitment strategy, contact Illico Hodes, we will be glad to help.