6 tips for using Twitter as a tool for online recruitment

Using Twitter for talent acquisition is a largely untapped but highly viable market. The job market is turning around and now is the perfect time to use Twitter in your recruitment strategy. Online recruitment is being utilized in the majority of new job hires by finding the top talent and weeding out the lower performers. Twitter is a main line to connecting with top-tier talent. There are six main reasons you want to add Twitter for talent acquisition:

Twitter tips for online recruitment

  1. You can search Twitter for the best talent by just searching hashtags. If you aren’t familiar with hashtags, they are keywords with the # symbol in front of it. By using this method, you find people talking about your topic such as scientist or IT.
  2. You can also use Twitter to access the top talent. How do you do this? You tweet about your company and any open positions you have. People will start following you and you can engage them through Twitter or another medium such as email.
  3. Another effective recruitment strategy is branding yourself and your company. You can brand yourself by tweeting about interesting things.
  4. You can tweet about what is going on with your company or any interesting positions you have open.
  5. You can use a combination of Google search and Twitter to find a targeted list of users with your keywords in their profiles, and then check their tweets and profiles to see if they fit your needs. This is an excellent online recruitment tool.
  6. One other thing to look for when using Twitter is the networking events, which are readily accessible for your industry. You can go to virtual online recruitment events or speak with talent face to face at in person recruitment events.

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