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How can your job posting stand out on Google?

When you think there are 8 billion job-related Google searches, you must stand out from the crowd to attract the best talent.

PPC and recruitment
Pay Per Click advertising is increasingly being used by businesses to recruit new employees. This is an idea that is taking off throughout the United States and the rest of the world as well. Businesses are  now using Google in conjunction with PPC advertising  to increase their chances to reach relevant candidates.

How it works
It is similar to an auction in which keywords are being bid on. A combination of bids placed and information taken from Google is used to rank a job advertisement and display it on the Internet.
Another reason PPC is being used more often now is that it is flexible in the sense that a business can choose the keywords they want used in their job ads, as well as where the ad is placed and when it shows up offers total control over the amount of money spent per day or per month for advertising. This pay according to performance model is very advantageous.

PPC and social network
PPC advertising is also often used on LinkedIn. This makes it a smart place for any business to use PPC in order to recruit new employees. LinkedIn ads and groups allow businesses to recruit for new employees via PPC.

No need to be an expert
Pay Per Click is an idea that was first conceived in 1998. Since then, major search engines have embraced this technology as a way to advertise across many different platforms that support digital advertising. A business that wants to use PPC but doesn’t have the knowledge can  use the services of a PPC expert to help it launch its job advertisements. This is an effective way to save both time and money on the cost of new employee recruitment. PPC will likely continue to grow rapidly.

In a nutshell
PPC provides additional traffic for your job postings by increasing their visibility.  While you only pay if a candidate clicks on it.

Are your highly competitive positions easily accessible to hard to seek candidates?  Do they appear in the relevant web environment?

Have an edge on the Web over your competition and learn all about candidates’ habits.

Ask about our PPC monthly offer, we will be glad to help.


Optimisez votre recrutement en ligne

Le recrutement en ligne à l’ère du web social fait maintenant partie du processus d’acquisition de talents.  Internet est en effet devenu un carrefour pour employeurs et  candidats. Il offre d’intéressantes occasions de contact avec les candidats et fournit des outils très pratiques pour optimiser le traitement des candidatures.

Voici donc quelques trucs et astuces pour mieux réussir son recrutement en ligne :

Votre affichage au bon endroit
Si, dans vos stratégies de recrutement vous utilisez divers sites / portails d’affichage, assurez-vous de toujours spécifier le domaine dans lequel vous recherchez des candidats. À titre d’exemple, vous œuvrez dans l’édition, assurez-vous que vos affichages de poste se retrouvent dans la section correspondant à votre domaine d’activités afin qu’un candidat intéressé par ce champ d’expertise puisse facilement vous trouver.

Les détails, les détails et encore les détails
Plus vous serez précis dans vos affichages de poste, plus vous parlerez aux bons candidats et éviterez ainsi d’être enseveli sous une montagne de CV. Assurez-vous que vos affichages contiennent le plus de détails pertinents possible : à quel endroit les candidats doivent faire parvenir leur CV, les exigences requises, les responsabilités, les qualifications, un aperçu du poste, etc.

Votre affichage sur plus d’un site d’emploi
Pour maximiser votre retour sur investissement, diminuer votre temps d’embauche et vous assurer de joindre un plus grand nombre de candidats, afficher simultanément sur plusieurs sites est une option à considérer dans votre stratégie de recrutement.  À cet effet, RIT@ SERVICES d’Illico Hodes peut s’avérer une solution des plus intéressantes.

Des affichages qui se démarquent
Pour attirer et persuader le bon candidat, vos affichages de poste doivent se démarquer.  Ils doivent être rédigés de façon simple, touchante et «SEO».  Les Affichages Smart d’Illico Hodes feront toute la différence.

En terminant
Plusieurs sites d’emploi sont gratuits, tant pour les candidats que pour les employeurs. Toutefois, pour vous assurer d’une plus grande visibilité et optimiser votre recrutement en ligne, il est intéressant de profiter des forfaits avantageux que plusieurs offrent aujourd’hui.

Illico Hodes sera heureuse de vous appuyer dans vos stratégies de recrutement.  Communiquez avec nous et voyez la différence de rendement.

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Maximize your Online Recruiting

No doubt online recruitment has transformed the landscape of talent acquisition. Employers and job hunters are now using the cyberspace to exercise their purposes. With this, the internet became one of the most used media to find candidates as well as to assist in the whole recruitment/hiring process.

But how can you truly maximize its function? Here are some tips and reminders for employers to achieve quicker and more effective results:

Refine your field/search

If you are to use different online portals as part of your recruitment strategy, always indicate the specific field in which you need talents. For instance, if your industry is writing, make sure your job postings are located in the writing/editing field. This way, candidates who are looking for writing careers can easily find your job advertisements.

Never skip a single important detail

In online recruitment, the Internet is the first yet the main avenue of the hiring process. And if you don’t want your desk to be flooded with inquiries from candidates, make sure you provide all the necessary details such as the minimum requirements needed for the job, how to apply, where to pass their résumé and your contact numbers. You can also include additional information like compensation, the length of the offered job (part-time or contractual), etc.

Make use of numerous job portals and classified websites

If your company wishes for a quick talent acquisition, you can always turn to several job portals and classified websites instead of posting your job openings in only one or two sites. Always use their functions in order to reach a bigger audience. Needless to say, the more apparent your job advertisements in the cyberspace, the more people will see them which eventually give you a higher chance to recruit more talents in no time.

Make sure your job postings stand out

To differentiate yourself, attract and persuade the right candidates, your job postings need to stand out from the crowd.  Your job postings must be written in a simple, touching and SEO-friendly way.  The right sources must be selected and your ROI must be measured for future sound decisions.  Illico Hodes’ Smart Postings can do the trick.

Additional Reminders

Most job portals nowadays are letting job seekers search available job offers for free. As for the employers, they are also allowed to post job advertisements without investing a penny. However, there are plans/packages that are made to increase their “virtual presence” for a more effective online recruitment. If you have the budget, make sure to take advantage of these plans.

To optimize your online recruitment strategy, contact Illico Hodes, we will be glad to help.


6 tips for using Twitter as a tool for online recruitment

Using Twitter for talent acquisition is a largely untapped but highly viable market. The job market is turning around and now is the perfect time to use Twitter in your recruitment strategy. Online recruitment is being utilized in the majority of new job hires by finding the top talent and weeding out the lower performers. Twitter is a main line to connecting with top-tier talent. There are six main reasons you want to add Twitter for talent acquisition:

Twitter tips for online recruitment

  1. You can search Twitter for the best talent by just searching hashtags. If you aren’t familiar with hashtags, they are keywords with the # symbol in front of it. By using this method, you find people talking about your topic such as scientist or IT.
  2. You can also use Twitter to access the top talent. How do you do this? You tweet about your company and any open positions you have. People will start following you and you can engage them through Twitter or another medium such as email.
  3. Another effective recruitment strategy is branding yourself and your company. You can brand yourself by tweeting about interesting things.
  4. You can tweet about what is going on with your company or any interesting positions you have open.
  5. You can use a combination of Google search and Twitter to find a targeted list of users with your keywords in their profiles, and then check their tweets and profiles to see if they fit your needs. This is an excellent online recruitment tool.
  6. One other thing to look for when using Twitter is the networking events, which are readily accessible for your industry. You can go to virtual online recruitment events or speak with talent face to face at in person recruitment events.

If you want to know more about Twitter and other social media tools and how they can help you fill your positions faster and with the best skill, contact us through 514 874-0210 ext. 202.


En primeur, nouvelle plateforme de recrutement social : matchFWD

En 2009, il me fallait prendre la décision de réinvestir dans Rit@ Services, une plateforme lancée en 2004, qui diffuse des postes sur plus de 400 sites d’emplois en Amérique du Nord et à l’international. En conjuguant notre vision et une vigie concurrentielle rigoureuse, je savais pas mal ce que la nouvelle plateforme Rit@ devait être. Les sommes à investir en développement étaient élevées.  Moi qui prends des décisions assez rapidement (je vis bien avec les conséquences, ma moyenne au bâton n’est pas si mal), je n’arrivais pas à donner le OK… Avec tout ce qui se passait sur le Web 2.0, était-ce une bonne solution pour l’avenir?

Sylvie Leclerc est revenue chez Illico après une année sabbatique à explorer le monde. Son mandat en revenant était  de trouver des pistes pour réinventer le sourcing, rien de moins! Lire la suite

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