How can your job posting stand out on Google?

When you think there are 8 billion job-related Google searches, you must stand out from the crowd to attract the best talent.

PPC and recruitment
Pay Per Click advertising is increasingly being used by businesses to recruit new employees. This is an idea that is taking off throughout the United States and the rest of the world as well. Businesses are  now using Google in conjunction with PPC advertising  to increase their chances to reach relevant candidates.

How it works
It is similar to an auction in which keywords are being bid on. A combination of bids placed and information taken from Google is used to rank a job advertisement and display it on the Internet.
Another reason PPC is being used more often now is that it is flexible in the sense that a business can choose the keywords they want used in their job ads, as well as where the ad is placed and when it shows up offers total control over the amount of money spent per day or per month for advertising. This pay according to performance model is very advantageous.

PPC and social network
PPC advertising is also often used on LinkedIn. This makes it a smart place for any business to use PPC in order to recruit new employees. LinkedIn ads and groups allow businesses to recruit for new employees via PPC.

No need to be an expert
Pay Per Click is an idea that was first conceived in 1998. Since then, major search engines have embraced this technology as a way to advertise across many different platforms that support digital advertising. A business that wants to use PPC but doesn’t have the knowledge can  use the services of a PPC expert to help it launch its job advertisements. This is an effective way to save both time and money on the cost of new employee recruitment. PPC will likely continue to grow rapidly.

In a nutshell
PPC provides additional traffic for your job postings by increasing their visibility.  While you only pay if a candidate clicks on it.

Are your highly competitive positions easily accessible to hard to seek candidates?  Do they appear in the relevant web environment?

Have an edge on the Web over your competition and learn all about candidates’ habits.

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